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In the good old days, archery was an integral part of war strategy and a game of skill. The skill was acquired in stages. Once the students acquired the art of holding the bow and arrows firmly, the master taught them to aim the arrows first at the banana tree, then at the wide banana leaves, and progressively at the bird figurines dangling from the thread and gently swinging with the wind. When the archer had accomplished these to perfection, the master now taught them to aim at a bird sitting on a high branch and then at a bird in flight. Thus the expertise was acquired in stages under the guidance of a teacher.

Like wise knowledge, in our context spiritual knowledge, particularly deeni uloom, should be acquired in stages, under proper guidance. The master will never allow the archer to aim at a bird in flight, when he is at a stage of still learning to aim at a banana plant. It is for no other reason, but in the interest of the archer, so that he does not bring harm to himself and others.
However, once he reaches that stage, the master will surely impart to him the art and the secrets of aiming at the bird in flight.

When an elephant is let loose, it goes about uprooting trees and shrubs, but as soon as the keeper restrains by applying a hook on its head, it becomes quiet. So the mind, when unrestrained, wantons in the luxuriance of idle thoughts, but becomes calm when pulled up with the gaud of discrimination. ( Saying of Ramkrishna Paramhansa )

Thus it becomes imperative that one should acquire Ilm in stages and under proper guidance, and the restrains if any are in our own interest. If the niyat of the seeker is true and steadfast, he will for sure reach his manzil.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spirituality and Science - the twain will surely meet

Based on my reading of two books, one on Spirituality and the other on Science, I have tried to reflect and arrive at a common thread. This is a humble attempt to show that with latest development in Quantum Science, the age old Spiritual truths are being validated by modern Science.

In Sehrullah 1435 H I had made a slide share presentation titled - Rabbil 'Alamin - Lord of the Universes ( )      based on my reading of the Book by Robert Lanza M.D., Scientist and author of Biocentrism, and the reading of String Field Theory and the video ' From Universe to Multiverse' by Dr. Michio Kaku, renowned theoretical physicist and co- founder of String Field Theory and at the same time reflecting on the age old Spiritual Truths.

Interestingly in the last 30 years, with rapid advance in Scientific knowledge, many earlier theories have been discarded, and new scientific evidences are rediscovering the Spiritual Truths.

If one is to read the scientific works and the quotes of Scientists like Freund, Robert Lanza, Eugene Wigner, Steven Weinberg, Mani Bhowmik and host of others, you will start wondering - is it Science or Spirituality that they are dwelling upon.

Quantum Entanglement Theory proves that photons can get entangled at long distances, so the question arises - if photons can do it, why not highly evolved souls ?

The talk of an 'Observer' by a Scientist is another interesting aspect.

Scientists are talking of Parallel Universes based on hard Scientific facts, they are talking of higher dimensions, beyond. The usual four dimensions.

According to Freund ' the laws of Nature, become simpler and more elegant, when expressed in higher dimensions space time.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, a physicist popularly known as Dr. Quantum says " it boils down to this that - the Universe does not exist, without a perceiver of the Universe.

Quantum physics has proven that matter and energy are different manifestation of one indivisible energy field. Every thing is leading to ONE, and if one has Spiritual knowledge, it becomes quite interesting to know that Spirituality is being validated by Science in some areas of knowledge.

Now this taffakur is based on my little understanding derived from one Scientific Book and another Spiritual Book. I know not if my surmise is correct or flawed, but in the least it has awakened in me the thirst of knowledge - to know and understand true Tawheed - Oneness.

Book: An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines by Sayyed Hossain Nasr

Book : Hyper space -  A Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes, Time wraps and Tenth Dimensions by Dr. Michio Kaku.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a world renowned physicist and co founder of String Theory.

The theorising of ten dimensions based on scientific facts, made me reflect on the Spiritual knowledge that has been around for ages.

Starting long back into history - the emerald tablets of Hermes circa 3500 BC proclaiming 'As above - So below' Plotinus 205 to 270 BC and his theory of Emanation as written down in Enneads - ' good diffuses itself' followed by great Islamic philosophers like Farabi - Bu Ali Sina - Rumi just to name a few. The New Age Thinkers of our modern times. Thus Spirituality has a glowing past, only after the Industrial Revolution and rise of Darwinism, it was overshadowed for nearly two centuries, but in the past 30 - 40 years it is gaining recognition, and a few of the modern Scientists have to be thanked for this.

 According to Dr. Michio Kaku the advantage of ten dimensional space , is that we have enough room to accommodate all the four fundamental forces of the Universe - namely

The Electromagnetic Force
The strong Nuclear Force
The week Nuclear Force (decay)
The Gravitation Force

According to Modern Scientists everything is energy vibrating in ten dimensional space time.

Now I quote from the Book by Sayyed Hossain Nasr.

' According to Ikhwan - the creation of the Universe, beginning with the Creator, descending through the multiple States of Being and ending with the terrestrial creatures, whose final link is Man, is outlined in the following manner.

1. Creator ( Mubd Haq Subhanahu) Who is ONE - ETERNAL - PERMANENT

2. Intellect ( 'aql ) which is of two kinds - innate and acquired

3. Soul (naffs) which has three species - vegetative, animal and rational

4. Matter ( hayula 'ala ) which is of four kinds - matter artefacts, physical matter, universal matter and original matter.

5. Nature ( tabi'ah 'ala) which is of five kinds - celestial nature and the four elemental nature.

6. Body (Jism) which has six directions

7 The Sphere - which has seven planets

8. The elements - which have eight qualities

9. Beings of this world

10. The Tenth Intellect - Observer Moulana 'Ashir
  (Sayedi Sadikali saheb says ' Jehne duniya ya na hawala chhe)

Science is now talking of energy vibrating through ten dimensions of time and space, fields of potentiality, trying to understand and coming near the Spiritual truths.

Quantum physics defines the field as invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm. In fact reality is nothing but waves of possibility we have ' observed' in form.

Excerpts from the Chapter : Entering the fifth dimension.
On the theory of higher dimensions by Georg Reiman (19th Centrury) Freund reminds us that the energy necessary to probe the tenth dimension is a quadrillion times larger than the energy that can be produced by our largest atom smasher !!

According to this theory , before the Big Bang, our cosmos was actually a perfect ten dimensional universe, a world where inter dimensional travel was possible ( I am really wondering are they talking of A'lam ul Ibda )

However, this ten dimensional world was unstable ( this made me pause and reflect on the Nashihat of Sayedi Sadikali Saheb as to what transpired in A'lam ul Ibda, he in very simple understandable language states, what happened and more important why it had to happen ) and eventually it  ' cracked' in two creating two separate Universes. (Here I have reservations on 'cracked' from what little knowledge I have acquired ' it was eased out' Burhanuddin Moula in one Vaaz farmayu, ' woh to' roohani a'lam chhe, wahan kem rehvaye,hubbut vaqe thayu' ....) a four and six dimensional Universe.

The Universe in which we live was born in that cosmic cataclysm. (our four dimensional Universe - are they talking of 6-7-8 & 9 hudoods of A'lam ul Ibda) expanded explosively ( in earlier articles I have written in detail about Big Bang - it was not Bang Bang a term coined in jest, but correctly it was easing out of the roohani Palorama and the rehmat and shafaqat of Moula 'Ashir - the Tenth Intellect )

While our twin six dimensional universe contracted violently, until it shrank to almost infinitesimal size. ( five Ukool sabeta and tenth Intelligence Moulana Ashir - this is my understanding, I may be wrong. I am not sure of the contraction part, but alam ul Ibda has ten hudoods. The beings with them in their respective paleroma is a different aspect)

This theory predicts that the Universe that has curled up into a six dimensional ball, that is too small to be observed ( my understanding is that it is too high high whereas our Universe is too far below)

One important thing that this theory postulates is that this six dimensional Universe, far from being useless appendage to our world, may ultimately be our salvation. ( Hurrah ! this makes perfect sense to me - are the scientists talking of 'Maad' - the return )

Freund chuckles, when asked when we will be able to see these higher dimensions. We cannot see these higher dimensions, because they have curled up (really ? ) into a tiny ball, so small that  they can no longer be detected.

According to Kaluza -  Klein theory, the size of these curled up dimensions in called the Plank length 4 which is 100 billion billion times smaller than the proton, to small to be probed by even our largest atom smasher

Another reality that Science has confirmed. Our brain receives 400 billion bits of information each second. To give an idea how much information that is - consider this. It would take nearly 6,00, 000 average size books to print 400 billion zeros.
Now this is reality.

But we on average are taking only 2000 measly bits of information each second - we are narrowing down to what suits us, what we are comfortable with. ( Book Ref: E SQuared by Pam Gout )

Now with such candid acceptance of Higher Unseen Force, ten dimensional vibration, quantum fields, Science has mellowed, and is accepting Spirituality as the only gateway to know the real truth, which we call Haqaiq.

In years to come all those Scientists who are working enthusiastically in their respective fields, are bound to succeed if they are of firm belief that all knowledge comes from the ONE. It is Allah who Willed His Source to be seen.

I end by the quote from Neale Donald Walsch - one of the most influential Modern Age Thinker.

' But the day I realised that my soul could be more than a concept, and was instead an actual functioning, practical, meaningful and useful part of my day to day existence, was in fact the most exiting and rewarding day of my life.

It entirely changed the way I looked at myself and everything that happened to me. '

' Your soul doesn't care what you do for a living - and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you are being, while you are doing whatever you are doing'

Fal hamdo, wa shukro, alba hazihil naimat al Jalila.

Milad Mubarak of Sayedna Taher Saifuddin Moula
27th Zilkad 1435 - Sunday 21st Sept

Note received from Bhai Mohammad Rangoonwala on the above subject vide e mail dated 14-10-2014

Creator is AĆ”shir e mudabbir. The soul cares for us  and  at times it has  to be cared by us. This means we have to  learn to know the difference between halal and haram. The Shariah enacted by Rasulullah based on inputs he had from Allah is the most computerised way to return.

The modern science or spiritual science does not believe in Saheb. So it gets messed up in its theory although they realise what is what the way you arrive at the end of your article.  but they miss Saheb.. Tawheed ehne keh chhe je chhe khudana muka , garchey khuda nathi ye pan janiye kkhuda chhe..

 Scientist should read this Ayat of Quran in Surah Al Rehman: Ya  maasharal Jinne wal Inse enistaĆ”tum antanfudhu min aqtarissamawate wal ardhe, fan fudhu, la tanfudhu illa besultaan..O, folks of mankind and supernatural being, if you have ability to get out of the borders of skies and earths, go, but you can never go, until and unless you have saheb ( who is only one among you.)

Saturday, July 26, 2014


This Sehrullah was blessed to read and reflect, and make two slide share presentations, which I humbly offer as Hadiyah to my blog readers.

In the beginning of the month made  VALAYAT  - a tribute presentation to our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS) on his 1st Sehrullah as 53 rd Dai ul Mutlaq, based on my reading of the Book ' The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran.

The slide share was based on an earlier article written by me on the joyous occasion of the 88th Milad Mubaraka of our for our ever revered Hay'ul Muqadaas Sayedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Moula (RA) whose loving memories are so fresh in our hearts.

The niyat behind the presentation was to show that our valayat - our feelings  - our thoughts, each passing day are more intense - more deep - more refreshing - more uplifting and ever more rejuvenating. 

With the passing of each day of Sehrullah in Ibadat, as Layali Fazela approached I engrossed my self in reading about interesting scientific discoveries propounded by Dr. Michio Kaku, co-founder of String Field Theory, saw his numerous interesting videos and read articles about Biocentrism as propounded by Dr. Robert Lanza and other scientists, and at the same time reflected on lessons learnt from Spirituality.

The niyat behind this Presentation was to show that at long last Science is converging towards
Spirituality, and in the process helping in the better understanding of the Spiritual Truths.
An exiting times ahead for proponents of Spirituality.

It is only when ALLAH  WILLS TO REVEAL HIS SOURCE than and only than can one stand on the threshold of Divine Knowledge, be in amazement and in awe.  To one who is humble,  His Knowledge will be revealed to the limit HE ALONE SETS  to the true seeker of both Spirituality and Science.

Monday, May 5, 2014


A humble presentation - a spontaneous result of awe and inspiration on my reading - THE SUFI PATH OF LOVE. The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi by William C. Chittick

A compilation of 100 articles from my writings as commemoration
on the Glorious 100 th Milad Mubarak 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


A reflection based on an observation of seeing and how a particular common sight is seen in different perspective, depending upon who is SEEING

Many scientific studies have been made in recent years, which go to prove that we have the capacity to make ourselves happy, contended and satisfied.


SHAITAN is an interesting enigmatic character. Find out all about him. The presentation is based on my belief system.


The shahadat of Imam Husain (s.a.) on the burning sands of Karbala is the essence of a mumin's life.
A  mumin is born in this world to perform matam and do aho-zari on the zulm and sitam that befell Imam-ul-Haq the beloved of Rasullalah (s.a.)
Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Moula in his munajaat sharifa has beautifully articulated the sentiment of, forever remembering Husain (s.a.) in the following words:
WA AZKURU MOULAYAL HUSAINA DAA LANA, BE SAJDATEHE INDASH SHAHADATAY SAEELA (I always remember Moula Husain (s.a.) who during his shahadat remembered us in his Doa)

ABKIKA MOLAYAL HUSAIN is the crowning jewel of Fatemi eulogy. Each verse is a precious
and rare gem, full of pathos, pain, yearning and vivid imagery.

Each verse is infused with spirituality – the esoteric meanings, the haqaiq – the universal truths
radiate in many verses, and the fluidity of narration takes the one who is blessed to recite,
through the tragic events of Karbala.

One important aspect of ABKIKA that I would like to dwell on in particular, is that the
accompanying translation of each verse in lisan ul dawat, is not merely the translation of the
Arabic, but it encompasses the thought process of Aqa Moula (TUS) – as he dwelt on the
tragic events of Karbala. As he pictured in his minds eye, the thoughts, that arose to me seems
to be coming from al-haykal al noorani (the pillar of Light of the effervesce souls) The ta’eed of
Imam uz Zaman (SA) is evident.

Friday, May 2, 2014


In the early 19th Century in Surat, Sayedi Sadiqali Saheb entombed in his lucid and easy to understand and relate to Nashihats for Posterity - Haqaiq truths- Noble and desirable human traits -A’maal ma’roof - The pitfalls of this world and most importantly the valaayat and maa’refat of Dai ul Mutlaq

Monday, January 27, 2014

BURHANUDDIN AQA - our object of nostalgia and desire.

Burhanuddin Aqa was the centre of our universe, his mere deedar washed away our sorrows and pains.
His dua mubarak  transcends the boundaries of time and space and reaches us instantly.

 Just in the month of Sept: 2013 my family was witness to this when my grandson Murtaza  Dr. Aliasgar Lokhandwala, aged 10 years, was about to be be wheeled for his fourth operation at KMC – Abu Dhabi. It was Moula’s doa mubarak that resulted in  a miraculous recovery, when the best equipped medical facilities and the best medical professionals, seemed helpless. 

Moula was noor -  the light of our lives
Our hearts are torn and in anguish.
He was the object of our nostalgia and desire
His mere noorani nazar released cascades of emotions, the flowing tears
Outpouring of love, the heart rending cries MOULA ! MOULA ! MOULA !


 'Burhanuddin sidahara – dil kem kare gavara
Moula no ya Hussain no awaz yaad chhe
A'soo na behta dhara  - Burhanuddin sidhara

Moula ha've thi aap chho -  (Muffadal Moula )
Aqa bhi aap chho
Moula Burhanuddin na jem bawa bhi aap chho 

Sabr Moula ! Sabr ! adna a'rabi  ni  dua chhe ke dawat na umoor shitabi sahal tahi jaye - a'pna khaki gulamo ne sanbhali lejo Moula - hamara sagla na A'shir aap chho - aa haq ni dawat ni khilqato si aja'aib nufuso ne ijjad Moula aap ne karvanoo chhe. 

We are not so naive, we can well understand and empathize what gale force torrents of emotions and feelings, you must be braving in these most difficult time of our Dawat history.  Today, I asked a young relative of mine, who had returned after attending Khatmul Quran Majlis in Saifee Masjid. I asked how was my Moula looking, he must be looking tired  and drained and he replied " Uncle, to me he looked very serene and composed.'

 I am simply in awe and wonder, how a human can withstand all these pressures, and be composed and serene. 

I reflected and let me share with readers the Anw'ar I gathered from Akhbar of Nabi (SA)

This Akhbar of the distribution of booty after the fiercely fought battle of Hunain brings out the following points :

The Anwa'r I see in the Akhbar is that Nabi (SA) was epitome and a living example of 'salama'  which in primary sense means - to be tranquil - at rest - to be in perfect peace - to be in absolute submission of the WILL OF ALLAH. The last mentioned is the most important, NABI (S.A.) was always living in the NOW. (Indebted to the teaching of Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now )

NABI (S.A.) was here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to Unfold.

Like wise Muffadal Moula (TUS) is accepting the NOW and going about performing the khidmat that has been entrusted to him, in full submission of the Will of Allah.

ACCEPTING WHAT IS. If we turn the pages of history our community has been through many such far worse atrocities and helplessness. The laeen Jafar fitnat in the middle of fifteenth century, resulted in mass and forceful conversation.

According to historian Satish C. Mishra ( Academic Paper -  Muslim Communities in Gujrat ) more than a million became Sunni. Only around a quarter of a million - nine mohallas out of 22 mohallas of Ahmadabad remained Tayyibi Shi's. Our forefathers suffered torture, deprivation and death for upholding their faith.

In many of my earlier 'posts' I have written about the azeem sacrifice made by Moylai Raj saheb - his khidmat of approaching mumin households in the dead of the night dressed as a 'fakir' and with compassion and love making those wayward see the 'light' is well known, and his ultimate sacrifice of sahada't - his body dismembered !

The present times are really difficult times indeed. Our peace loving, progressive outlook oriented community of more than a million strong, who has been looked upon as an IDEAL by other minorities, is standing at a  crossroad. These are challenging and turbulent  times indeed. The implications of our actions will have long lasting and deep impacts - and history will judge our actions.

The need of the hour is PASSION but with COMPASSION. Moylai Raj saheb has shown the way, how way wards can be brought 'to the fold'

In this internet driven age, all our 'outpourings' in what ever form they may be are documented and cannot be reversed and denied, and at times, can prove detrimental to our cause. So due caution has to be exercised. Do not be heedless, do not take law in to your own hands. Your bravado can at times, cause great harm to the Dawat.

Muffadal Moula (TUS) is there, the ta'eed of Imam uz Zaman is there - as adna gulam we should not become overzealous, but stand firm in faith, come forward when called for, do tilawat  a plenty - dua is the shield of a mumin and perform good deeds, and become shining examples. In this way by our small day to day acts and shunning negativity, we will be strengthening the Dawat.

All the same, this is  not the time to bury our head in the sand and be passive, inert or quiescent. If you have talent and resources, do come forward to serve the community.  The community needs people of moderation, compassion , and having positive result oriented thinking, whose personal example can have a deep and lasting effect on others.

Bhai Yousuf Rangoonwala, who is the Advertisement field, feels and rightly so - Quote ' that as the renegade is trying to use so-called human rights and pseudo liberal media to couch fraudulence - we have to use the same medium to make objective arguments and defeat him on the same playing field. I think all the effigy burning and cursing is only going to strengthen his case, that we are closed to any factual debate. ' (Unquote)

With his permission I am attaching a link of his response to the unwarranted and biased 24th Jan: 2014 front page Bombay Mirror Report.  

This is just one example of how in this internet driven age -  where everything is documented and preserved,  free speech,  freedom of professing one's faith, upholding of human rights, has one to carry on the fight, with decency, decorum and at the same time devastating effect.