Tuesday, April 7, 2009


India TV tenders apology on its prime time news broadcast. We the followers of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb on account of his guidance and teachings, have shown exemplary restrain and have not been provoked ( a few exceptions - I had to remove a few comments which were not in conformity with our faith, culture and upbringing- though it reflected the deep hurt and anguish of the community and others by disgruntled munafekeens, who tried to fish in troubled waters, and tried to hijack the issue)

I think for the first time in the history of Indian TV Journalism has such an apology aired by a Channel within 24 hours, of its broadcasting an absurd and derogatory news footage. I personally feel it is all because of the Spiritual Personality of His Holiness, who is hospitalized, but his radiance and guidance, has saved the community from falling into a trap, and at the same time, has achieved is objective, of exposing the machinations of the enemies of the community.

The enemies within the community, thought that this an opportune moment, with His Holiness not keeping well, the community must be vulnerable, and some 'sick minds' tried to strike a blow, but I am indebted to all those, who came forward and expressed their hurt and feelings, in a most appropriate manner befitting to the teachings of Islam. Friends we also have played our small part in this victory.

The enemies of the community used the media in a most detestable and negative manner, where as we used the same media in a very positive and purposeful manner.

The first one out of the block was Sonia, and when I read her comment immediately after posting, I came to know that my post has reached the confines of India TV and efforts to hijack the issue has been started by vested interests.

Sorry Sonia, you found out that the Bohra community was different. They do not tolerate and succumb to rabble rousers. Otters like Sweety and AC 1513 took advantage of the open discussion forum to unsheathe their daggers. The lesson to be learnt, is one should not be provoked as electronic media has its advantages and pitfalls.

In such instances, over reacting gives an advantage to the opposite party, as they can easily highjak and defeat the main issue.

The India TV apology aired the comments made by PRO from His Holiness's Office, so now we hope and pray that the top management may be co-operating with the Dawat and spilling the beans, as to the persons behind this sordid drama.

As one friend had commented I would also wish that once Aqa Moula (TUS) regains health, the top Management of India TV should come forward and seek personal apology from His Holiness, and the same should be aired on their prime time net work.

I also feel that a few heads should roll at India TV for bringing disgrace to the News Channel. In this recession times, it will do the organization more good than harm.

May Allah grant a very speedy recovery to our beloved His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) and may the peace loving Bohra Community, move forward, and set example to the world communities in matters of responsible citizenship, which has been demonstrated in this instance. Ameen.


xyzxyz said...

What ever be it but we still didn't find out the culprit behind this.
have a look below .

But its thanks to Bohra who came forward to email the india TV and post comments all over the blogs and internet to make this happen.

xyzxyz said...

Sorry won't do !So A court Case would work out in IPC -Discrimination and racism with minority case but it again all depends on AL-VAZARAT OFFICE.
Rest our youth should get united for action.

editor said...

I agree brother. I have many Bohra friends and on this occasion again your sect has shown tremendous maturity.

The best way was to seek apology. The channel has faced embarrassment and lost credibility. This is better than creating ruckus that often hurts the image of communities.