Monday, March 23, 2015


Can we create new senses of humans ? David Eagleman

An astounding Ted Talk which demonstrates that it is possible to expand our sensory perceptions by channeling into different fields.

What we see is less than 10 trillionth of what's out there in the Universe !! Kudos to David Eagleman for scientifically proving that our umvelt can be expanded. During the course of the talk, he explains that our experience of reality is constrained by our biology. Our brain is essentially a very efficient general purpose computing device, which processes the inputs it receives, but it is only a wee bit, of what is there out in the Universe.

So you have radio waves, microwaves, X Rays and Gamma Rays passing through your body, right now as you read his, but you are completely unaware of it , because you do not have biological receptors for picking it up. There are thousands of cell phone conversation passing through you right now, but we are utterly blind to it. 

With the help of technology David Eagleman demonstrates how sensory perception can be augmented. A deaf person is able to recognize and reproduce the spoken words. Simply amazing !

Video :

Not being a student of Science but more interested in Spirituality, I was exited that this Scientific demonstration validated that the Spiritual Masters and savants can tap into myriad sensory receptors and understand and visualize things, which we ordinary humans are unable to fathom. 

The etheric double of the Awakened Masters can work along useful lines of activity in the astral world, helping people over long distances, aiding and comforting in ways, which we layman will not be able to understand, because we do not have the capacity. A mumin is a true believer, he is of firm belief that Awliyah Kiram sahebs have that power and capacity, not only during their earthly life, but even after death. 

The glorious annals of our Dawat history is resplendent with thousands of such mozizas. Moziza is that which is beyond ordinary human perception. But it is very much there, we are unable to fathom. For Awliyah Kiram sahebs, it is a regular occurrence, whenever they are beseeched for help and succor. 

 This scientific demonstration of sensory substitution for deaf, reinforces our belief. It shows us HOW, but still Science needs 'props' in this instant vests, and I Pad, but the Awakened Spiritual Masters, need no such 'props'.

Here Science is helping us to understand Spirituality, and that is what excites me most, and is my quest. Need your prayers and best wishes in my endeavor.



Anonymous said...

Its incredible that today in modern times people look at science in such advanced levels. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Amazing how science is closing on the long held religious belief and miracles.
Also it gives us matter to realize how miniscule we are in this immensely huge God created universe.

Dr aliasgar

Unknown said...

It is a myth that science and religion are at war. But the fact is science helps us understand the hidden truths of religion. Science is at war with those false belief systems which deviates from the universal truth of absolute reality but in perfect sync with the concept of Tawheed which essentially is the basis of all existence.

Rightly said the un-explanable events which we call miracles are in realty the exhibition of the hidden potientials of the enlightened beings which in truth are manifestation (tajalli) of the absolute reality -Allah(Swt).