Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is the headline in very bold letters with a big size photo depicting fearful eyes, carried by The Telegraph (28-11-08) It is already more than 36 hours and FEAR seems to grip the entire country. A Nation that prides itself in having a well trained, sophisticated and dedicated Army and other well trained commando units to tackle terror and contingencies, are up against a highly motivated and deeply indoctrinated terrorist.

The problem is that they have been so trained and indoctrinated that they seem to have over come the FEAR of DEATH.

So basically it is fight between a group of terrorists who have overcome FEAR and a Nation who fears for the safety of their citizens, the foreign tourists and residents, and the armed and para military forces.

It is FEAR that the terrorists holed up, and by now fighting a loosing battle, may go to the extreme and blow themselves up, because they have overcome the FEAR OF DEATH and in so doing many more precious lives will be lost.

This is the prime concern and the cause of worry. It is a matter of relief to see the pictures of Foreign Nationals, 30 in all as per news Channel report , haggard and badly shaken coming out of Oberoi Trident. The picture of a small baby coming out safe from the ordeal is a matter of relief.

As I write this, I have received an SMS on which I will not like to comment, under the most difficult circumstances. But it does convey a portent message, that we Indians should rise above narrow ghetto mentality and banal politics.

Text of the SMS ' plz forward raj thackeray's phone no: if you find it. Dnt know whr he is when y need him. w want him 2 go n save amchi mumbai with his MNS goondas. The sons of the D soil, Army NSG and commandos r nt marathi manoos. They r NORTH INDIANS --- fight and lay their life 4 mumbaikars. Jai Maharashtra sorry JAI HIND.

A bit crude but all the same carrying a portent message, not only for mumbaikars but all Indians living in different States. The immense sacrifices that have been made in the past 36 hours and the battle to flush out the terrorists continue, let us learn some lessons, to rise above petty regional based politics.

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