Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Early morning of 27th November 2008 brought home the grim reality of the dangerous place our world has become. Terrorist have managed to blow the cover of security and safety with impunity. The gory details of mayhem and cold blooded murder is being played out on all media channels, each vying with other to bring home to viewers with lucid details.

The Authorities have taken the correct decision of putting a 'gag' on the media coverage, by sending sms to all TV channels, not to divulge strategic details of the operation, to flush out the terrorist and secure the safely of the people being held hostages.

This I think is the very correct approach, as thousands watching the channels and being fed by inputs by the media, will in no way help in the operation of flushing out the terrorist. On the contrary it may prove detrimental to the effecting working of the armed forces, as the terrorist holed up at Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House, may be also watching the news channels, and working out counter strategies.
The hunger for news in any of such incidents is obvious, in people far removed from the scene of tragedy, and each news channel tries to get to its viewers ' breaking news' with much fanfare. specially Aaj Tak Hindi excels in rhyming the news broad casts. At times it feels so sick.

So this time round I feel the Authorities have taken a correct decision, in requesting all the news channels from desisting in broadcasting strategic information.

I feel so much pain and remorse at this senseless tragedy, that has taken so many innocent lives. The armed forces are continuing their operation to flush out the terrorist, and I hope and pray that, they succeed without more loss of lives.

Not being updated is a very small price to pay, in such instances, when the operation is being carried out, there should definitely be a 'gag' on the media.
Later on there will be enough time to discuss and analyse the situation, as to the how things played out, where the lapses occurred.

Now is the time to feel the pain and keep on praying.


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