Sunday, September 11, 2011


Story – LUCKY ME ( continued …..

Sunday morning I got up fresh and rejuvenated and braced up for the day with a light toast and tea breakfast. Rabab also busied herself in the kitchen, as we were going to have a sumptuous dinner of Pumpkin Risotto – Humus Bil Lahm – Kebab Joojeh the ingredients for which could not be had in ordinary market store, so after quick bath drove out to the far away Spenser Specialty food outlet.

On reaching there, the shop assistant told me that for pita breads I will have to wait for an hour, as fresh stock was being awaited. Under the circumstances I had no other alternative but to just chill out – so I headed straight to across the street Barista and ordered Hazelnut Mocha and Chocolate Chip Muffins.

One hour is a long, long time, and it was early morning, there were hardly any customers, and amidst tranquil surrounding I drifted back and started reflecting on the Abyaat Sharifas, which had provided so much solace last night.

Let me share my reflections - Dear Readers - if you find some erroneous thinking on my part, do correct me, I will be deeply indebted.

Abyaat Sharifa 71 -

Aqa Moula (TUS) expresses that there are countless desires (niyaat) which he longs to be fulfilled ….. ke jehni kadar k'um chhe – ehne baland karoo.

We mumineen are all DEEN na farzando of our beloved Bawa Shafiq – we are all ‘baland qadar’ in that sense – hope my Readers agree - than what does Aqa Moula imply by saying that ‘ qadar k’um chhe ehne baland karoo’

Spiritually we are all the same, but in certain section of the affluent society a wrong perception has taken deep roots based on purely materialistic outlook – the yardstick of success is wealth – you are counted and seen by the car – the house you own and the latest mobile and other gadgets you flaunt etc: Much can be written, but to make the point, just making broad references.

So is it not that by sharing same food – the social beneficial effects are many, the widening gap – the disconnect in bridged? What say you dear Readers. Is my reasoning faulty ? Please correct me then ?

The FAIZ UL MAWAID BURHANIYAH is a most important initiative of leveling the ever widening chasm.
Agreed ? O K let me proceed.

Abyaat Sharifa 74 - ALLAH ! Do help those who help their brethren with love and affection in overcoming the difficulties of day to day living and make good his brothers shortcomings.

Here Aqa Moula (TUS) is blessing those who come forward – those who are enjoying the best of material comforts and good life – to come forward and help those of their marginalized mumineen brothers. They have the world, they are self sufficient but they are still in need of mu’asaat (help) and this help only Moula and Moula alone can give as a boon.

For M’aad we will not need a Ferrari - a Hublot Euro BB but our Aqa Moula’s doa Mubarak – his doa Mubarak will infuse us with spirituality – humanity – love for our fellow mumineen brethren – it will make us walk the ‘siraat’ with joy and abundance resulting from sharing – in this case sharing the same food that my fellow mumin bhai in shukr is so happy to have with his family – it has eased him of financial burden also but the important underlining message is – WE ARE ALL ONE !!

So it is a Win Win situation for both the giver and the receiver.

As I was sipping my Hazelnut Mocha across the table I found a copy of Sunday Telegraph, 11th Sept: 2011 and having more time in hand, I took it up and glanced at the Front Page.


I read with interest the headline story – ‘ Osama gone, hunger gnaws’ by K.P.Nayar
The ‘Food Stamp’ Programme cleverly renamed ‘ Supplement Nutrition Assistant Programme’ (SNAP) The growing number of Americans 46 million and ever growing - their plight – how they are being looked upon by other affluent Americans, made an interesting reading.

I immediately called for a Note Pad and Pen from the counter, and noted down excerpts, which you can read, and if you so desire, the entire News Report, by clicking on the below link.

I am confident that after reading it, specially American mumineen and all those in the Western countries, will see the immense benefits of FAIZ UL MAWAID BURHANIYAH

How I wish some mumineen associated with the Press Organizations can file a report on the on going ohbat.

I received a call that my pitta breads have arrived, so I left Barista to collect it, at the same time feeling more confident to lay out the facts of the case more purposefully, after dinner, when I will be talking ‘basket’ with my grown up sons !!

To be continued……..

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mohammed rangoonwala said...

Jaman(food) in the context of ongoing Tiffin project in our community has now attained the status of "Roohaani Amal" although its properties are physical.This is quite obvious from abiyaats of Aqa Maula as mentioned by the writer. As such any mumin and every mumin is epitome of Roohaaniyat under the saya e rehmat of their Roohani Master. When their Roohaani Master has attained such glorious heights in Roohaaniyat, he aspires to see his Roohaani followers to be clubbed with Him by converting all their physical activities into Roohaani ones. One of these is jaman which is an everyday prime necessity for all.And in Roohaniyat all are one .So are they to be made one and the same in Jaman.So that one day when they will reach the coveted JANNAT, and shall be served with those heavenly fruits, they will spontaneously speak up as Al Quran says:Haaza rozeqna min Qablo.We have been tasted with this.

MIND MINTS said...

Greatly appreciate the khidmat of Bhai Huzaifa Madarwala of Burhani Voulenteers of Calcutta, who personally delivers 16 tiffins each night in his car travelling a distance of 17 kms. Where there ir a will there is a way.

faiz said...