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STORY - LUCKY ME (concluded)

Those who have been following the story closely may be feeling exited to know what happens after the Sunday sumptuous dinner. As for my self to be honest, although my wife Rabab had made excellent Kebab Joojeh and other items on the Thal, I could not enjoy as much as my son Murtaza and Noorudin, who were relishing every dish.

As a fond father, looking at them enjoying so much, I was feeling a little sad to broach the ‘thali’ subject, but was determined all the same, knowing my wife Rabab supported me whole heartedly.

It was crunch time – dinner was over, there was palpable tension building up inside me and suddenly there was POWER CUT.

It was in reality a blessing in disguise. It had rained steadily in the evening, so the weather was cool. I had replayed the scene many times in my mind earlier in the afternoon. My taking up the subject for discussion, finding Murtaza telling me – ‘ sorry Abba – we can discuss it later I have a project to complete ‘ the younger Noorudin as if on cue standing up and walking off to his room to watch TV. Multiple scenes played out in mind.

Those who are parents of growing up children can well empathize with my condition.

The POWER CUT proved to be a blessing – good food - cool breeze – family bonhomie on Sunday evening, motivated me to take up the ‘thali’ subject. I will not bother you up with all the details, some of which I have already written about – I found my sons in rapt attention – was a miracle working out.

Not a word.

Rabab encouraged by the silence response told us how she would love to share the same food with the family of Amina. Now Amina was her childhood friend, both went to school together in Lunavada, and from my wife I had heard many childhood stories of my wife always being in awe of her dear friend, who was smart, intelligent, helpful – once my wife started, she would go and on ……

However, two years back Aquilbhai who was a very successful businessman was struck with a paralytic stroke while at office, as a result of which his entire body was immobilized. In short the world of Amina and her son Hakim who was of same as my Noorudin and both were school buddies, went into a tailspin.

As Aquilbhai was running his supply business single handedly, as expected business suffered, creditors started knocking at their door, debtors started playing truant, medical Bills started piling. Aquilbhai died thereafter living behind a family who much against their wishes, started to become depended on ‘muvasaat’

Now dear Readers – the above circumstances are a fact, only other things are fictitious to protect the identity of the family. In my long years of ‘reaching out’ I have come face to face with so many such families.

Here I would I like to recall the resilience (khuddari) of one mumin bhai. I came to know of his plight after his wife was diagnosed with Cancer, and piling medical Bills and running about for treatment, completely drained out his financial capacity. He removed his son, who was very intelligent and smart from a good school were the fees were high.

I came to know about it and approached him to see if I could mobilize some funds for the schooling. In his own words – ‘ Asgarbhai shukran , but let me bear my own cross’ Tears swelled in my eyes, and I felt so humbled that there are such mumineen in this world. On that day frankly I felt proud to be born a mumin.

Was Aqa Moula (TUS) referring to such mumineen in his Munajaat Sahrifa 1432H – did he mean those who have been victims of circumstances -
ke jehni kadar k’um chhe – ehne baland karoo.

I put forward this question to my sons, and I put forward it you my dear readers ?

Please do reflect, and you will surely find spiritual bliss, and understand the importance of this food sharing.

Our family can easily have Canneloni Milanaise Style ( an ideal party dish – Tarla Dalal) but no we will decide to have the same ‘thali’ food, for we know that there is some ‘hiqmat’ in the initiative started by Molayi A’li Qdr Muffadal Saifuddin saheb (TUS)

LUCKY ME - the lights had not come on, and my sons with rapt attention were listening. As a family we agreed that yes we will take the ‘thali’ and surprise of surprise, my son had more updated information than me.

He said he is following the development with interest and being an MBA student, he is seriously considering doing a project on it. He had worked out the costs based on per person consumption of 125 gms rice (Gobindo bhog is cheaper and more nutritious than costly Basmati – we are not doing a ‘shaadi khana’ was his argument) 3 rotis – 25 gms mutton /khima – dal 50 gms and sabji 100 gms )

He said to bring down the costs , mumina ladies from affluent families who have Ayahs and other support staff at home to care, can volunteer their services one day a week. Six groups for six days a week can be formed and their husbands can be entrusted with daily bazaar.

Now it was our time to listen with rapt attention to the sage and practical advice of both our sons who were gung-ho and pretty exited.


I stole an affectionate glance at Rabab and found her all smiles, and pink as peach. I thank ALLAH for having blessed me with such a wonderful family. END

DEAR READERS : I hope you enjoyed reading LUCKY ME but more important, many misconceptions and questions may have been removed. As for me I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and being blessed to convey my thoughts and insights.

In the process I have used my imagination as well as facts, both have been deftly interlinked.

To conclude Rabab is my wife and as with ladies who love to hide their age I have made her younger by 11 years !!

Murtaza and Nooruddin are my two sons, but both of them died in their infancy. Had they lived both of them would have been strapping + 30 and apples of our eyes. In their premature deaths and sufferings I learnt a great lesson. There are no regrets, but fond remembrance. They taught me to live life in jest, and my writings, and my interaction with family and friends, is a living proof. I have two grown up children, and grand childrens.

A great life lesson I learnt from them was to empathize – to reach out to the suffering and the marginalized of the community, who are victims of circumstances, and not personal failures in life.

As Eckhart Tolle says in his best seller - A New Earth – these are the people who ACCEPT WHAT IS - they accept THE PRESENT MOMENT with fortitude. I feel it is for this particular section of the marginalized community for whom Aqa Moula (TUS) has referred so eloquently, in the Munazaat Sharifa, they must be in his thoughts, in his fervent ‘ilteza’ this Laylatul Qdr.

Dear Readers this story LUCKY ME I fondly dedicate to both my sons, who died in infancy. Any good that may come out from your reading, let it be their ‘sawab’ ALHAMDOLILLAH !

Abde Syedna (TUS)
Asgar Fakhrudin M 098312 42486

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MohammedulBaqir said...


MAy Allah Ta Grant you best of what you deserve. Ameen.

May Allah gratnt Aqa Moula TUS and His Mansoos TUS a long and healthy life ta qayamaat. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

avery nice redention of facts , i was really moved by your story . no doubts the "tiffin's scheme " is very noble indeed , but a lot of ground woek and nitty gritties have to be solved , as to who exactly are the people of lesser means who will recieve the tiffin . because beuraucracy gets jumbled up with spirituality and un worthy elements take advantage of situations . so even noble causes get undermined . fortunately due to the closeness of our cummunity and accurate information of each individual momineen with us things will be managed inshallah , but these apprehensions should be tackled skilfully and with some prudent management
fakhruddin kapuswala

mohammed rangoonwala said...

Khuda ki baatein khuda hi janey bus hum to itna hi jantey hai. The mission of jaman recently initiated in our community has many applications and implications,subtle and open messages,high and lofty ideals, affordable and comfortable methodologies and systems,simple and easy availability of good and tasty foods, purpose of cost effective and economical lifestyles, contentment of soul and peace of mind and above all the "sacred aim of Shifaa" to Aqa Maula which has been amply and fully outlined and underlined by you in your wonderful write-up. This article is truly dedicated to those " whose Qadr is to be uplifted " by AAli Qadr. Of course we too do love and share your feelings for your near and dear ones whom you have so fondly and artfully referred to in your amazing style of writing. May allah grant Shifa e kulli to our Beloved Aqa Maula during this tifin project who is naib e Ali and Saqi of his Kausar to whom (Ali al Murtaza A.S.)Al Quran so gracefully attribute:Wa yut emun attaamaa aala hubbehi miskinan wa yatiman wa aseera. Innama nutemokum levajhillah, la nurido minkum jaza'an wa la shukura."(He feeds seekers,orphans and prisoners with love for Allah. Of course he feeds for the sake of Allah and craves for no rewards or thanks) Let this be the aim of one and all.

AA Varda said...

Thank you...Yesterday I was discussing the 'Thali' topic with my wife and today all my questions have been answered.Thank you and your article has touched my heart. Keep writing. Guess what I too am Ali 'Asgar Fakhruddin'

Shabbs said...

Very well written and presented. We are trying to get thali system implemented in our small community here in New Zealand, and many of my queries were answered through this article. Very inspiring.

Khuda beve Maula na saya ma mumineen ne baaqi rakhe.

Was salaam
Abde Syedna TUS
Shabbir Rajkotwala

Unknown said...

Munajaat Sharifa ni abyaat si tame ye je barakat lidi ane zikar kidi ye ghaneej sahi che .
Khuda tamne barakat ane khair ni jaza aape .

Mustaali bs

Shabbs said...

Salaam un Jameel,

Moula ni dua si New Zealand ma Auckland na 28 ghar ma every weekend Faiz ni barakat pohchee rahe che. Inshallah this will grow.

Abde Syedna

Shabbir Rajkotwala
New Zealand