Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Riwayat reflections and thoughts on Thali

The riwayat of the camel - 'Mubaraka' of Nabi (SA) when he first entered Medina is well known, as the bayan has been heard, many times in Vaaz.

The residents of Medina were all eager to have Nabi (SA) to take up residence in their home, a singular honor for them. All the leading Ansaars were clamoring to get this sharaf.

Nabi (SA) told them, that he is not holding the reins of his camel, and where ever the his camel Mubaraka stops, in his house Nabi (SA) will take up his temporary residence, till the first Nabawi Masjid and his house is constructed.

Mubaraka stops at the house of Abu Ayub Ansari of the tribe of Bani Najjar.

Would request readers, to pause and reflect as to what made Mubaraka, a she camel of Nabi (SA)stop at the door of Abu Ayub Ansari ?  

Did she just stopped ? Or was she guided ? Was there some hikmat ?

Every act of Nabi (SA) is an act based on Allah's Commandment.

Allah is the All Knowing.

The following historical facts will bear the above truth.

Salma the mother of Moulana Abdul Muttalib ( the grandfather of Nabi (SA) ) belonged to the tribe of Bani Najjar, the same tribe to which Abu Ayub Ansari belonged.

Now are you getting to understand the connection ? Interesting ? Read on......

By the end of the riwayat, you will come to know .....
Moulana Hashim - the great grandfather of Nabi (SA) married Salma a widow of Bani Najjar at Nabit a place on the way to Yasrib (old name of Medina) After a few days stay with her, Moulana Hashim went away to Syria, where he fell sick and died.

Salma who was pregnant gave birth to Moulana Abdul Muttalib, but the Hashimites, who all lived in Makkah, were not aware of the marriage and birth of the child.

It was only when Sabit Ibne Manzar ( father of the poet Hasan bin Sabit ) came to Makkah for pilgrimage, that he met Moulana Muttalib and informed him of the marriage and the birth of a son to Moulana Hashim.

Moulana Muttalib on knowing this, immediately set out for Yasrib and persuaded Salma and her tribesmen to give him, his late brother's child, who was now grown up and a true picture of Moulana Hashim.

So dear readers. Now you can understand the connection.

Now you can reflect and see that after many years, Nabi (SA) was destined to migrate to Medinah and his camel Mubaraka came and stopped at the house of Abu Ayyub Ansari who belonged to the tribe and was related to Salma the great grand mother of Nabi (SA)

Lesson learnt on reflection of the riwayat and the historical facts.

There is a synchronicity and purpose behind every aspect of our lives. More so in the actions of Awliya Kirams, whose every action, are infused with hikmats, which we ordinary mortals, with limited knowledge fail to comprehend.

Their actions have far reaching benefits. The FMB (Thali) mauhim likewise has been started with a purpose, which only Aqa Moula (TUS) and A’li Qdr Muffadal Moula (TUS) are privy to. 

We can at best, comprehend the apparent benefits, but deep down the lasting benefits, the far reaching effects, we will never be able to fully understand.

One thing is certain, it is more about caring and sharing, than about money.

Agreed we may have reservations and opinion about the hygiene, the distribution, and other sundry matters, but that concerns, are principally localized. Over a period of time, if you have been a keen observer, having a positive attitude, you will surely agree that, much improvements have been made. 

The lesson I learnt on reflection of the riwayat, in the context of FMB mauhim, is crystal clear that, the Thali is not only about making a habit of eating simple and nutritious food, but has some deep hidden benefits for both our body and soul, and for our generation to come.  

I am dedicating this post to Shk: Yusufbhai Rajkotwala - a FMB khidmatguzar of Singapore, who is working hard to ensure that the barakat of Thali reaches all mumineen households. This is my humble contribution to his efforts.