Thursday, May 19, 2016

ME - Some interesting facts and reflections.

Sharing some interesting statics about myself based on BBC ' Earth Scientific statistics arrived at on the basis of my age, weight and height.

 I am worth $ 2039 and this is how it has been calculated 

Element.               % in my body.             Weight           Cost
Oxygen.                    61. 94                 5 Llbs             $ 129
Carbon                     23.                     35.0                 383
Hydrogen                  10                       15.5                   837
Nitrogen                     3                         4                      7
Calcium                       1.4                       2.                     199
Phosphorous                1.1                          1.5                   233
Potassium                   0.2                       0.5                  140
Other misc                  0.5                       0.5.                  110

My total worth ............. $ 2039 Only !!!

After knowing my true worth I felt so small and insignificant and shared the same with my grandson MOIZ who after a day, came up with the following statistics based on the
same calculation and said "Nana you are priceless " and this is why.

Total cells in your body are 34.9 trillion whereas there are total of 3 trillion trees on Earth.

These cells if laid end to end will stretch 122749 miles that is 51 % of the distance between Earth and Moon. 
Nana dear you have experienced
Heartbeat. 2.5 billion times
Breathed 608 million times
Blinked   408 million times
Yawned  363840 times
Your body hair has grown
Head. 25 ft 11 inch
Armpit 13 ft 7 inch
Leg. 6 ft 8 inch

Moiz also shared other interesting statistics like the number of microbes are 100 trillions and the total DNA data of me is 800 MB. There are a many other interesting statistics about myself, but let me be brief and come to the main point, the lesson learnt.

 Taffakur : I felt like 'no body' and worthless because I tried to gauge my worth in monetary terms. I should have reflected on the bounties that ALLAH had bestowed on me without my asking. We generally tend to be materialistic and fail to comprehend the immense gift that ALLAH  has bestowed upon us. 

If you are interested to know your true worth log on to BBC  Earth and find out how unique and important you are. May ALLAH BE PRAISED. 

The ingredients of my body are worth $2,039. What's your price tag?