Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ma'ad - The Return

Allah is Rehmatul lil A'lameen- Rab of the Universes and all that contains therein, His Mercy is all encompassing and not restricted to a select few.

I am a regular reader of the syndicated Sunday column published in Indian Express by Ranjit Lal titled ' In the Jungle land' over the years I have become an avid fan of his very lucid and witty style of writing on animal kingdom.

His article on centipedes last Sunday made me reflect, and it surprised me how the thought of Ma'ad - The Return cropped up as I read the article. Let me share the thoughts in the light of the knowledge gained on reading the article.

HE is Allah not for the blessed few and enlightened, but HE is Allah for every living being including plants and minerals. Everyone and everything on this our earth is blessed with the azeem ne'amat of Ma'ad.

According to our belief system in vegetation - pulses, grains, vegetables, spices etc: and all 'halal' animals that we mumineen eat, undergoing specific processes becomes, blood, sinews and flesh and bones, and in this way, all that is consumed thus, is on it's Ma'ad journey albeit much faster.

As I was taking a walk in our gated community garden which had just been cleaned, my gaze wandered on a pile of dead leaves and vegetation, and I thought about tons and tons of such vegetation lying around the world on forest ground and elsewhere in the farmlands and fields.

A thought crossed my mind - ' no Ma'ad for all the dead leaves, plants and rotten vegetation ? Not possible, Allah is Rehmatul lil A'lameen for each and every one and all living things.
Ranjit Lal's article on centipedes came to my rescue, and in learning about the smallest of creatures I understood how each of Allah's creations helps the other to attain the next level on the long journey of Ma'ad.

Ranjit Lal writes that centipedes (literal meaning with hundred legs, although different species have numbers varying from 20 to 100) are anthropoids. They are carnivorous predators, pouncing upon small insects, flies, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and starfish. By devouring them they are raising those lowly creatures to the next stage.

Likewise, the Medipedes ( anthropoids with thousand legs - literal meaning obviously - you can check on Wikipedia to learn more about their legs !!) are known as deltrivores, which means consumers of dead plant matters, rotting leaves, vegetable matter etc:

Alhamdolillah ! Glory be to Allah ! Even dead plants and vegetation have a savior in respect of their ascension on the journey to Ma'ad. Allah is in truth Rehmatul lil A'lameen. His Mercy is all encompassing from the most enlightened to the most lowly.

Hope readers may have found this reflection interesting, and if on reading you find my thought process to be flawed, do help me by sending an e mail, stating your reason, or sharing your knowledge on the subject.

 It was interesting and worthwhile reflecting and sharing on the Urs Mubarak of Moulal Murtaz Sayedi Abdul Qader Hakimuddin Moula  (AQ )

27 th Shavwal 1436 H   12th Aug: 2015