Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How to survive job losses in the current Economic meltdown, is a grave problem to be addressed forthwith. It is a realistic problem snowbowling with devastating effect, and our community members are also facing the heat. As I write this post, a friend has just called in to say, that two of his relatives one in US and another in Singapore have lost their jobs, and are confused and so very worried, as to their future.

I feel experts and professionals in the field of human behavioral science, should take an active step in spreading their knowledge, in such a way that precious lives are not lost, on spur of the moment decisions, where the jobless family head takes a decision.

A case in point is a report in today’s News Paper about a medical technician Ervin Antonio Lupoe, who with his wife had been sacked from their jobs in a medical centre, took the drastic step of shooting all their five children and themselves. The rationale for this act, as given by Ervin in a fax letter sent to a TV channel was that – Why leave the children to a stranger ?

I think this horrific action may have been averted, if Ervin and his wife, may have received some sort of councelling.

Now this is horrific, and for this reason it is very important that the problem should be addressed with utmost urgency. On the day when Ervin took his life and that of his family, 70,000 people across the world, including 55,000 in US alone have lost heir jobs, not account of personal inefficiency to deliver, but because of global financial crisis, in which in most of the cases, they were not to be blamed.

Big business organizations do not shed jobs on impulse. The Management plans it much in advance, and identifies the persons, who will be given the sack. So the top management knows in advance.

Is it not possible for some humanitarian organization to take up the mantle of helping out by reaching out to those, who are to loose their jobs ? If some sort of personal contact is established with them , at least such horrific incidents can be in the least be avoided. A safety net to overcome remorse and depression, would be a welcome step.

A planned strategy with the business organization, wanting to shed jobs, and social net work groups, could be of great help.

What do you think of this idea ? Is it feasible ? Suggestions are welcome.

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