Monday, April 6, 2009


The absurd and malicious repeated telecast by India TV of the re-marriage of a Taliban Terrorist Baitullah, on their 9 pm. News on 6th April '09 and the doctored photo of our Aqa Moula (TUS) inserted, with the sole purpose by the enemies of our community to cause hurt and mislead, is highly reprehensible and condemned in the strongest words.

In today's (07-04-09) morning news edition the India TV channel has retraced and said SORRY, BUT ALREADY DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE AND AT THIS STAGE MERELY SAYING SORRY WILL NOT SUFFICE.






Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry won't Do for india TV
so it's time for bohra to take sword in hands and do jihad against misuse of media. burn the offices of india tv. youth of bohra whoever an engineer ,doctor or businessman should throw roses and take Inqilab in hands .Do Jihad drop the peace promise.
Jihad for peace .

Unknown said...


Rashida said...

Damage has been done and now India TV has just got sorry to explain their blunder.....

my blood boils when i see this kind of injustice done for our community and our moula his holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin saheb TUS....

India TV definitely needs to do more than sorry....repeatedly

Mr CEO explain who instigated this ...after all you were waiting for some kind of news as if it matters to you who informs you.....huh!!!!

We Bohra Community who never ever have come into any such activities with our Aqa Moula's blesssing have always promoted have been shown in wrong have got to pay for it mr manager of india TV.....

please send in your apologies in all forms of media to our moula......that also would not wash ur sin of doing this offensive act.....

india TV should be listed

AC1513 said...

Hey... Where can I see these pictures or video>?

Unknown said...

India TV has no rights to display any such news before prior verification and just writing a line below saying SORRY will just not do. They need to verbally apologize on the same 9:00pm show which telecasted the WRONG NEWS inserting tricked clips of our beloved Aqa Maula TUS. They better apologize before their channel gets BANNED.

MOIZ said...

I am agree with Ben Rashida's comment that India TV definitely needs to do more than sorry....repeatedly..india TV should be listed

Ali said...

Just shows another new LOW hit by Indian news channels....

Earlier it was only junk videos from youtube which were spiced up and shown as 'news'.... now they have moved up one level and have started showing their own 'doctored news'....

Aren't these guys supposed to verify facts before airing the news..... oh but sorry I forgot we are talking about Indian news channels who only care for TRPs.....

Come on news guys ... we don't give a shit about your youtube videos or "cat stuck on tree" type news talk sense or don't waste our time....

Murtaza said...
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Unknown said...

We demand an apology from India TV and we demand the police to take severe action against the News channel's reporters and producers.

Unknown said...

I say that the CEO, editor, shift in-charge person and the news reporter have to be jailed firstly. Morphing of a person's photograph is a crime liable to jail. Secondly, attacking a person's image, and that of such a high personality's image, Our Moula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (tus) who is an ambassador of peace world wide, a person who is being given red carpet welcomes and treated as a State Guest in whichever country or city he travels to is an International Crime.Such a crime is not apologizable. A person who is being welcomed with open hands and who is being invited by every country, how can anyone even think of doing such a shameful act of linking him with terrorists in any way? I have the photograph of the clipping in which India TV has telecasted on the 6th of April at 9pm, 11pm and 1am.
Also, I would like to ask the CEO of India TV, of how would he feel if someone would morph his photograph showing him shaking hands with some terrorist? Would he put it up in his News Channel without getting enough evidence of the photograph?
I would request the Information & Broadcasting minister to BAN India TV news channel, as who knows of how many such news that they have shown till date could have been forged?
LO! to such media channels and the people involved in such forgery acts. They will certainly burn in hell.
May Allah grant our Father, Our Moula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (tus) A Long And Prosperous Life With Eternal Health..


Unknown said...

The Culprit Behind this should be found and exposed in front of everyone throught the globe on India TV news Channel.

Unknown said...

soniya what you know about bohra community so please shut your mouth if you dont know anything about bohra community we never forcing or telling any body for jihaad.

and regards to india tv should mind there news what they are spreading in community please do understand what is the meaning of media you are in the society for keep harmoney and peace between peoples and community dont create disputs.

Unknown said...

India TV has agreed to air the apologies on the 9pm show today. But that is not enough, they have to apologize to our beloved Aqa Maula TUS whom they have hurted the most and only if our Maula accepts the apology will it be ok else the channel should be banned for telecasting wrong news throught out the nation and worldwide.

Chodu Pandit said...

In case if you guys want to go through the apology published on the website

Content is as below
India TV expresses its regret over the use of the photo of Dawoodi Bohra community’s venerable spiritual leader His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin in the Baitullah Mehsud story. India TV wants to clarify that the use of photograph of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin was not intentional and that he has no connection with the dreaded terrorist Baitullah. We once again regret the use of his photo. We do not intend to hurt the community’s sentiments. We have full respect for the Dawoodi Bohra community’s venerable spiritual leader His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin. We again want to clarify that we do not intend to hurt the sentiments of the Bohra community. We respect Bohara community’s spiritual leader Burhanuddin and consider him an emissary of world peace and universal understanding. India TV used the photograph of Dawoodi Bohra community’s venerable spiritual leader His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin by mistake and for this we once again regret for hurting the sentiments of the Bohra Community.

mustafa said...

I would like to tell you that His Holiness is one of the peace ambassador of the world it is his teachings for which India TV is Still Running peacefully Now after broadcasting such a thing .
Had it been some one else from other Community /Politician/or any other person in the world i would gurantee you that India TV would have violently boycotted and attacked & Banned uptill Now .He has always taught everyone to "live and let live in peace ".

When India TV as an Media Broadcast Such a crap like this which has already done the damage to the community as well as His Holiness i feel that mere sorry from their side would not be enough .India TV need us to convey the name of the people behind this type of broadcast.

Unless India TV do the same We will boycott your channel as well as aggravate our protest.

But i would also Suggest that please Do not play with the feelings and community like this .And Also dont take undue Advantage of peacefullness of the community.


Fatema... said...

This is adressed to soniya and all those who think like her. Fortunately..hers is d first comment and everyone will see it first. So, now u all know how a few words can actually instigate a revolt. There is no denying d fact that human beings are very fickle minded. And some human beings are very wicked. Wicked ppl make use of fickle minded ppl and start all types of revolts. any ekta kapoor follower will agree with me.

now for the main purpose..india tv says that they have made a big mistake in using Aqa Muala's (tus) picture. But, how could they make this mistake? News are supposed to be checked and re-checked for autenticity before they are shown to the viewers. News channels are supposed to show fact not fiction. We are not interested in any make belief theories over here. Moreover, an apology is d last thing we need right now. We do not want to burn down any offices or start any riot. All we want to know is who was the person behind this news. Who was the person who supplied the news to india tv? i'm not ready to believe that it came in d form of an anonymous letter. So, India Tv...please show us what we really want to see.

Unknown said...

24 hours news channels are should be banned....

"terrorists se jyada aatank toh yeah log felaate hain...."

JuZaR "Ali"
Kuwait (AG)
+965 677 369 01

Murtaza said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Murtaza, by the pics it can clearly be seen that this is nothing but a trciked photography.

Mehjabeen said...

India Tv is capable of spreading any false news like
how the terrorists phoned them in the middle of their attack on BBay on 16 sept.
Villagers spotting flying cows.
etc etc
But this time i think they went overboard. they should realise their social responsibilty and basic decency of ethical journalism.


Rashida said...

I dont want to use abusive language and spoil my tongue for mere and cheap people who have done this....because we are not taught this

The almighty is seeing all this and everyone gets their share of good or bad in this life and the crooks who have done this will definitely be burnt in the aag of jahannum.....for hurting our Moula and his children (US)

My Moula Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) we are all with you....i know you are listening to us and believe us we will stand by you always and pray that may god bless you with a long and healthy life and punish those who even think about doing anything wrong to you and us....

this was instigated by some cheapos and promoted by other rascals....we need India TV to give us the name of the beast who has made them do this....

maybe india TV sold their principles and conscience for the sake of the so called never know

Unknown said...

India TV has outdone itself this time in its daily task of falsifying and sensationalising so called news items and has given a field day to rabble rousers like soniya

Shabbir said...

INDIA TV should be banned.They have no rights to publish false photo.

AS we bohra community is a peace loving community and we love his holiness more than our selves.

Unknown said...

Murtaza bhai i would request you to please remove this photo from that picasa website, as we don't want it to go in wrong hands.

I believe India TV must be a part of this crime, as without that it is not possible to air such a news.

murtuza said...

This channel in any ways is not a news channel. According to me it should fall under the category of some cartoon channels or under the category of a mimicry channel which makes people laugh by telecasting some funny things which according to the telecasters is NEWS !!! Anyways moving from my personal views to the subject, I really want to question the the CEO, the editing in charge and other responsible authorities of the channel that do you even have any idea of the consequences of doing such morphing jobs just to fill in your empty slots(assume that your channel must be having plenty of them)? Your channel is lucky to have made this blunder against the peace ambassador who is always the most merciful and most forgiving human being .Dawoodi Bohra is one of the most peace loving community but still would do anything for a word from the His Holiness. We could have done much more to make your channel feel sorry in terms of regret or called for a press conference of actual news telecast channels and proved what wrong your channel is doing and provoking the masses but nothing without an order or command from our His Holiness. I would end by giving you a suggestion" beware the fury of a patient man".

Unknown said...

india tv should be banned for broadcasting false news........and should apologize to HIS HOLINESS AND THE BOHRA COMMUNITY for hurting their sentiments.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

India TV is known for nonsense news showcased in the most stupid manner. But they have crossed their limits. Just because they want to catch attention, they just cannot air anything.

I really wish the Indian law takes strict action against the channel. Dawoodi Bohra community is known for peace and non-controversy. Everybody is really hurt.

Anis Bombaywala
Kandivali, Mumbai.

Najam said...

Our community of Dawoodi Bohra is well known as a community of peace loving and gentle people who love their country in which they reside very much.
This is because our Leader, His Holiness Dr.Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS has been teaching our community to live life peacefully abiding by the true Tenets of Islam.
His Holiness, is regarded as the Ambassador of Peace around the world, and he preaches peace and harmony allover the world.

All over the world Bohra Community is Protest to INDIA TV CHANNEL an immediate retract of the photo and an apology transmitted as often as the false photo had been on the channel immediately. And the reporter and compare also again come to tv and told true and says sorry for all Dawoodi Bohra Community and Special to His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS

We would like the INDIA TV channel, all other TV Channels infect all media to be true to their jobs of providing news and facts to the people of India.

All Media relative people your jobs are true relationship for where they are true to their jobs and provide this great nation the TRUTH that it deserves.

Thanking your.

murtuza said...

Forgot to add a suggestion to soniya: Thanks for your concern but stop being that Igniting Gutter Fish.

Unknown said...

its not like that anyone put anything against our community.....
we shoud protest against this...
we cant let them go by just a sorry......everyone must protest against this.........

Unknown said...

India TV should telecast a detailed apology at the same time 9pm IST.

Strict action should be taken against the real culprits behind this.

Kandivli, Bombay.

Unknown said...

India TV took this for granted.

If some action is not taken in public against this, such things will happen again in future.

Rohit Bansal ( is the CEO of India TV.

Rashida said...

what is the point in us writing our grief here of us can take the entire list of comments written here and mail it to him.....

let him and the others in the conspiracy also know how many hearts he has hurt and pained ........

Murtuza bhai / Najmuddin Bhai...if you could on all mumineen's behalf add your comments and send it to that fellow (cant even call him with respect now )

Yusuf said...

India TV must come up with strong verbal apology and then be banned. Rather they should make apology directly to our spiritual leader HIS HOLINESS DR. SYEDNA MOHAMMAD BURHANUDDIN SAHEB(T.S). Police should take serious actions against the real culprits behind this absurd morphing act. Insulting and hurting International VVIP of his stature & whole Bohra Community all over the world, will not all be tolerated.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the email id of the COO of India TV is


Iam_n0b0dy said...

india tv should b bannnnned 4 showing fake videos and news

Iam_n0b0dy said...

india tv will not remain longer !!!!!!!!!!its my challenge and they have to bear a lot

Husain Basrawala said...

This is really shameful and intolerable act by India TV this time. India TV is already known for its crap news but this time they have gone way too far...
They'll have to bear the consequences.
I urge if there is any lawyer amongst us to file a complaint against INDIA TV and make sure that their channel is shut down forever and the people involved in this go behind the bars.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a complaint posted by Murtaza-bhai at

Well written Murtaza-bhai.

Is anybody aware of any more action being taken against this?

Rashida said...

what is the point in us writing our grief here of us can take the entire list of comments written here and mail it to him.....

let him and the others in the conspiracy also know how many hearts he has hurt and pained ........

Murtuza bhai / Najmuddin Bhai...if you could on all mumineen's behalf add your comments and send it to that fellow (cant even call him with respect now )

Unknown said...

India TV has put up another apology on their website

Not enough!!

We want a detailed telecast of apology at prime time.

Unknown said...

India TV has to first apologize on the same 9pm show and double the time they displayed the morphed photo of our beloved Aqa Maula TUS performing nikah. And after they apologize, severe action needs to be taken against them and all the shaitaans who were behind this entire episode. All of them needs to be thrown behind bars and definitely YES... india tv should be BANNED!! These nuts cannot just put up any crap on air by the name of so called NEWS.

Unknown said...

Also can the administrator of this blog, please delte soniya's comment as it is the first and boils everyone!

Unknown said...

I didn't realize they had MORPHED the image removing and changing several details until I compared the original and the morphed one! This cannot simply be a MISTAKE! There's someone behind it, and if IndiaTV supported them, they will have to answer questions and face the consequences!

A simple apology is just nowhere near enough! Oh please BAN this channel, I've NEVER seen any sensible news (narrated in a normal manner) on their channel anyway.

Printing & Publishing said...

i had mailed that idiot, you also forward this to him

Mr. Bansal ( why the hell i call you MR. ? )

Idiot Bansal

How you Dare to Do such kind of news with photoshop mixing for a holy soul
Our His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb

YOu will Burn In Hells Fire For Doing This

God Will Never Give You MErcy

You Have to Resign,

You Are not Accompnished to being a CEO of India TV

If You Cant express Your Sorry , HIDING ALL YOU NEWS< you HAVE TO SAY SORRY IN YOU CHANNER FOR 40 DAYS, Than You will Prove Your self an Idiot

You hurted me., and 5.5 lacks people of dawoodi bohra community

agar insan kisi ek ka dil dukhata hai to usey is janam me saza milti hai, tumney to 5.5 lacks dawoodi bohra's ka dil dukhaya hai

tumhari 50 perdhi dukh bhogegi

sharminda ho to mafi mango


Fakhruddin Vanak

Unknown said...

..oh and as most of you may have noticed, IndiaTV thrives on sting operations and controversies. They show every news with twisted facts and from a negative perspective!

Unknown said...

Please refrain from getting over-excited.

We are here for a cause - to protest in a decent manner.

Camaal said...

India TV and some other news channels are just extension of SANSANI... they are best at creating issues out of non-issue. They didn't even spare such a holy and highly respected religious leader of Bohra community who has always spread the message of love and peace for all mankind living anywhere in the world, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Murtaza said...

All are requested to send this message separately to the following address with the maximum count putting pressure on the concerned authorities to apologize for the grave crime committed by India Tv

Prime Minister of India +91-11-23015603


Minister of Information and Broadcasting +91-11-23384453 (
India Tv +91-120-3051000 (
A. Patel +91-11-23793801 (

The Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

SUB: Preying upon sentiments of innocent countrymen is a disgrace, a condemnable act and an utter abuse of freedom of Press and Media by India TV

We would like to bring to your kind attention how India TV has abused the freedom of Press and Media and preyed upon the sentiments of innocent countrymen causing distress and disappointment to the hundreds of thousands law abiding citizens of India – in this case, the well known trading and business Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community predominantly residing in India and also throughout the world.

The case in point is the telecast by India TV since 9 pm this evening (April 6, 2009) a report on the remarriage of a Taliban Terrorist in Afghanistan. The picture telecast by India TV depicts a falsified, forged, distorted and digitally superimposed picture of our deeply respected spiritual leader performing a Nikah. We must reiterate that in no way the internationally revered Spiritual leader of the Dawoodi Bohra Community His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb or for that matter any member of our community has to do anything with the subject.

This despicable act by India TV must be condemned; our spiritual leader is here in Mumbai for the last month! A clear case of false news telecast without proper verification of the facts! This visibly doctored photo, showed over and over again is an audacious attack on the reputation of our revered spiritual leader and the Dawoodi Bohra community. India TV's penchant for sensationalism is it's USP but to associate us with the most wanted terrorists in the world is outrageous beyond belief, especially since this can have far reaching consequences for the safety and reputation of the community the world over.

We humbly seek your intervention at the highest level to ban the Channel for a period of time as a reprimand

for abuse of freedom of press & media i.e. telecasting a forged picture of a truly respected Indian leader of the stature of Dr. Syedna, whom the world recognizes as an ambassador of peace,
for hurting our innermost religious sentiments.
In the interim, we also seek

an unconditional apology by India TV for their disgraceful act
demand an immediate removal of the forged photo
the unconditional apology transmitted on its channel as often as the false photo has been transmited on the channel with immediate effect.
We thank you in advance for your understanding,

Very sincerely yours,

(put your name & country with contact details)

I guess this is the best way of directing your complains. Just use this blog for information and updates.

Unknown said...

Its time to watch india tv's telecast for apology at 9:15pm now.

Unknown said...

sorry is not all enough.. how cloud they even make such a mistake Damn it!! they hav to reveal d real culprit behind it..

Unknown said...

Hey Friends

Black Tuesday for all of us due to unlawful act by cheap Channel (INDIA TV). I think Rohit Bansal has to immediately resign from the post of CEO and has to sit in home.
HE has to think number of times before telecasting anything on the TV wich can hit sentiments of many follwers.

Rohit bansal should be sent to hell as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

First of all, Murtuza Bhai, please pull off that photo from PISCA WEB, I am sure there are more enemies looking at this one and making fun of our beloved Maula.
2.) India TV, either you closedown or get closed down. The choice is yours.
3.) You AS#$#$, when you talk about something which is spice, you exaturate it and when it came to you apology it was short and tiny. We want you guys to come on road and rub your noses in front of other media (all over the world) and then cry to an apology.
4.) Dawoodi Bhora's have never interfeared in any communal act of any things related to it. We people mind our own business and stay within our limits. How and why would you try and touch someone who are so nice to world.
5.) Rohit Bansal should be hanged.

Murtaza said...

Its already been removed.

I request everyone having posted pics videos related to the issue be deleted from Picasa, youtube or where they have been posted.

Lets not Focus on the negatives and get agitated to do something wrong.

We will continue to protest if our local Jamaats asks us to. If not we will put it behind and move on.

Mohammed Taj said...

India TV must be ban...

they said in the apologize later..."It is by mistake"...we need to show them how a small mistake create a new history for them ... to ban there so called INDIA TV forever...


Mustafa said...

Disgusting ....this is so called the Biggest democracy of the respects for any community here...this is for the 2nd time you people have hurted our sentiments all over the world...last time that Mr.Nair..the stupid man who calls him self a journalist but do not hav any kind of professional athics..for god sake let us leve peacfully..

Mustafa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mustafa said...

Still i dont think there is an appology from the childish journalist NAIR...let the whole india and indian media know...we the followers of SYEDNA MUHAMMAD BURHANUDDIN (TUS)..are ONE where ever do we i hope this kind of a silly childish fake videos and articles will not be pulished or shown for the 3rd damn time..we are taught to be live peacfully and loyally where ever do we stay in the world..this all are the result of the teachings OUR BELOVED SYEDNA that we are not invloved in any kind of politics or blame game like you people do..its my request let us live peacfully.

Unknown said...

u have hurt not only the million hearts of we dawoodi bohras but also tried in vague to hamper our prestige of his holiness,nw u have to face the ill consequences of ur false deed..............go to hell

mustafa said...

muje to pukka yakin ho gaya ki indiatv jaisa bewkoof channel is puri duniya mein kahi nahi hoga...

Mustafa said...

hey miss soniya you mind your own damn business...the people like u are the culprits..can u actually explain me the meaning of JIHAD u stupid Lady...stay out of our matters and mind your own business.

mustafa said...

aisa karke indiatv walo ne tamaam mumineen ka dil dukhaya hai...or mumineen ko hurt karna ek bahut bada gunah hai..

mustafa said...

sonia jaisi ladkiyon ki baaton pe dhyan nahi dena kewal bekar ki baatein karke tamasha creat karti hai...wo kya jaane Dawoodi Bohras ki shaan.

Unknown said...

We have been deeply hurt by India TV report. We condemn this in the strongest of words. The culprits need to be brought to public..His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin is the spiritual leader of a peaceful community who is seen with highest respect throughout the world community. He is known as Sultan throughout the Arab World. Its so astonishing on part of India TV go put photograph of a spiritual leader who has represented messege of peace & harmony for the commmons. We are not satisfied with just a sorry. India TV needs to repeated telecast about our Moula & Bohra Community. We are 2 million bohries who want more than an appology

Unknown said...


The Jerk(Piece of shit)-Rajat Sharma


Rajat Sharma first thing you should do is go to toilet and wash your face with flush water ..if possible drink it also ...

The blunder what you have done is not only hurting Dawoodi Bohra community but hurting humanity .You have tried to make the issue communal.Jerks like you are responsible for propogating terrorism in peaceful country like India beacuse you spread wrong, false and unethical news and people beleive them.Muslims, Hindus and all other relegoions live like brothers and sisters and you jerks spread such filthy news and make them enemies and make them called as terrorists for no reason.

You have done an international crime and you should sentenced an international punishment..

I request other news agencies, jouranlists, common people and government to take strict action against such jerks who are involved behind this shitty act.This will retain the confidence on the genuiness of the news they provide otherwise no one will watch the news and no one beleive news.You all news channels will starve to death...

Abde Syedna,
Koser Ali
Mb: 00966-535001672

Unknown said...

the one who is responsible shold be hanged till death for this mistake . allah will punish him later but bohras will punish him first . because we the bohras can listen every thing but nothing against our maula .

Unknown said...

I am SORRY but "sorry" won't work.India TV should give the clarification for their improper and irresponsible journalism. They should expose the culprit behind this or else face legal actions...

Unknown said...

A crime of this magnitude requires more than a mere apology. Who cares for your sorry. You have done enormous damage by telecasting false stories about our Maula repeatedly and you think you can rectify that by a 7 min telecast of apology. You better do more. It was not a mistake. It was a conspiracy and if you are really sorry then expose the culprits.

Hussain said...

India TV should be banned and should accept it's crime and that should be live on all other media channels.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Then you haven't quite understood the concept of religion yet. "Islam" (the word itself) means "total submission".

Unknown said...

Bhaiyo, aa MUNAFIQEEN (AC1513 and sweets..) si bachi ne rehjo, koi comments na karjo, ye logo apne uksawaa maange che.

Unknown said...

@AC1513, thats you ignorance speaking. :)

Grow up, learn more before you give opinions.

AC1513 said...

@ 3zzy

Seems that you dont have a reply to my post.

May be that is the reason you term this as ignorance.

I suggest you read The Holy Quran which will guide you to be on the straight path.

Unknown said...

We're not talking about business where all questions must be answered. Religion is very personal and subjective thing.

I believe every BOHRA will know the answer to that, so I won't care explaining it to you (outsider or a munafiq) anyway.

You need to be a BOHRA to know how things work in our community. I will not question you (muslim?) why do you celebrate Did watching the moon (quite insensible eh?) and stuff like that because its your ideology!

So its better to be a BOHRA and "LEARN" things or just shut up!

AC1513 said...

To everyone/moderator

My post has been removed.

This means you really cannot answer my point!

Unknown said...

Admin must have removed it rightly. You're trying to spread hatred among people (just like the terrorists, but in your own way).

You seek answers while being arrogant, its contradictory. Doesn't work that way.

Anyhow, looks like you have way too much time on your hands, but I don't, please don't expect any more replies from me.

God bless!

MIND MINTS said...

I have removed AC 1513 post and similar other posts, becuase they are not connected with the main issue. My blog should not be utilized for furthering personal agenda and vendatta against our community.

xyzxyz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

What? You agree with Sonia? She sarcastically said that we will also thrown down roses (depart from peace) and lift swords just like the others.

xyzxyz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yousuf said...

An absurd and doctored footage shown in a TV channel cannot have any foot to stand on . So apt is the apology if at all it comes . It can neither elevate or dwarf tall and lofty stature of our beloved aqa Syedna Mohammed burhanuddin for whom we always pray. At this juncture we wish him a very happy 98th birthday forthcoming very shortly and pray
for his long life ta-qayamat.

Mohammedi Saifuddin Rangoonwala

xyzxyz said...

Hey i don't agree with you Soniya for jihad and all such violence .Peaceful rally could do work.
In anger persons take wrong step that His holiness says that anger is the saitan.Anger as one of the Seven cardinal sins.
** According to the Hebrew Bible: "He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding, but he that is hasty of temper[A. V. "spirit"] exalteth folly...A wrathful man stirrers up strife: he that is slow to anger appeases strife...He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty...Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry; for anger rests in the bosom of fools." In the Book of Genesis, Jacob condemned the anger that had arisen in his sons Simon and Levi: "Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel"
Hence no violence but peaceful rally does the work.

Saifuddin said...

According to India TV's Apology, they had written that their action was "Unintentional", so I want to ask them why they did it if they thought it was unintentional.
Why they have placed our Beloved Spiritual leader image in a nonsensical relation.
Our Maula Dr. Syedna Burhanuddin is a famous personality and flag bearer of peace. He has good relations with every leader of the countries, even Mr. Manmohan Singh.
If India TV wants to do stuff like these they have people like Moodi and Thakrey in their backyard.
Dear all it is another one of our Notorious enemy wicked act. He must have bribe the CEO to do it and then to apologies to Even the matters.
India TV has committed an unethical crime and such channels must be banned and there executives punished according to electronic media regulation(if they have any).
Dawoodi Bohra actions speak louder than words, that is why I request my brothers and sisters not to commit act which will harm our Maula images.
Miss Sonia, i don’t understand first this dastardly news then your comment telling us Bohras to burn offices, I think you are part of the wicked game so just LAY OFF.
I ask anyone from INDIA TV or other resource who is the master mind behind this, we need just his/her name, after that Maula will decide what to do with him/her. Surely and surely this person will burn in hell but he/she will not live a happy life in this world.

Unknown said...

Saifuddin mind your dirty languages
It was my anger in words it never meant to really do jihad of violence but some sort of things to awaken the sleeping ppl.
I agree with Murtaza Jamali's Words
but what if some misuse the name of your Dad and his pic you won't fight back at least you would take some action and will sorry do that time. Some one comes and piss u off so will u sit calm or his/her sorry will do.It as that type on anger words .If it hurts your sentiments then i am sorry but i would have been a Man would have never tolerate my Dad's insult.

Unknown said...

Sorry is just a microscopically small act for the crime committed by India TV and totally unacceptable. Imagine if the same is conveyed from the president or the prime minister of India or any other nation, for that matter. What would have been the impact?
I am sure politically and legally the news channel would have been banned for a long time.

The damage is done and simply by just washing the stain on a white cloth, want do any good. I feel that this channel should give a full proof explanation as to how this happened.

It is indigestible fact that the whole thing was a mistake, how could a news channel say that without going through the content, the video was aired.

This simply means that India TV is not a reliable TV channel. It is just a
Money Making Machine that creates news and sells news, to pollute the minds of the people

I really feel Rajat sharma should call the CEO of India Tv to – AAP ki Adalat type of programme and question them for this scam.

This can only happen if the channel has balls to fight for truth and face legal consequences.

Till then the channel should be banned. That’s the least punishment.

By the way soniya, please don’t fight for us. You are someone from outside who can never understand our sentiments and ideals. We believe in laying our lives at the command of our beloved holy father. So you don’t need to give that command. The best favour is to keep your mouth shut or else we may believe that you too are a part of the scam or want to settle old scores with India Tv. So just shut up.

Unknown said...

we agree with all ppl india tv should be banned soon and How they can show a Holy man picture In between the Terrorist. we will not accept ur sorry or whatever.
India TV has agreed to air the apologies on the 9pm show But that is not enough for us they have to apologize to our beloved Aqa Maula TUS ohterwise u dont know what we can do for our beloved AQA.

Unknown said...

Aa mushkil ni gadi ma mola ni shaan zahir thae chhe. ae vaste aa madhe lakhu chhu:-

O muhammad you are the way that god has shown

Feeds us knowledge that had been unknown

and guides us for a place in the heaven to own.

O muhammed you are the message that rasul has told
That will make the hell fire for us cold

O muhammad you are the zulfikar that ali holds
Behind which we are safely walled

O muhammd you are those tears that fatema wept
Safe in a bottle she kept
that will wash the sins for the apt

O muhammad you are the hikmat that hassan has shown
That marked muawiyah's fall but islam's dawn

O muhammad you are the last prayer that hussain had done
Its treasure is the heaven that we have won

O muhammad you are the verses that sajjad had recited
By praising God. it makes the soul sweeten

O muhammad you are the rope that sadik holds
That will tie us and pull us towards the heavenly gold

O muhammad you are the hand that mansoor shows
And promises to remove us from the hellfire blows

O muhammad you are the bright rays from Tayed the sun
Your brightness makes your enemies run

O muhammad you are the brother that the messenger told
With different faces but the same holy mould

O muhammad the sum of your predecessors
Holy Fathers holy successor

Moula Saifuddins blessings to you
We bow to him when ever you are in view

Bless me God,soon i kiss your feet
My thirst will only quench with this heavenly treat

O muhammad you cry on hussain, shed your tears
That brings us to heaven more and more near
In your shado there is no fear
You are to our hearts very dear
Your sweet word echi in our ears

May you live years so many
As many drops in a season so rainy

abde syedna
Shehabuddin firoz sabuwala

Unknown said...

mind your language satronics
i am Maria i used the ID Soniya.
i am too one of you.
so u shut your mouth that is the way u communicate with a Lady here.

Unknown said...

Dear Soniya

If you are offended, i am sorry about it, but any one would think that you are not a bohri if you use the name soniya.

Perhaps it may be that you like the name soniya a lot.... anyways no personal vendattas, but i felt offended by your use of words.

I beleive we have to do everything by the raza of our mola and not even a step that could blot his paak daman.Remember pride of representing such an angel also brings responsibility. So do not use such words as many may misinterpret in the wrong way

Rashida said...

cut it off bhai and bhen....

lets focus on what the main thing is .....we have been hurt by this ruthless act of india tv and its people with no ethics....

lets see that no one who hurts our spirit of love and respect for our Moula be left like this by just apologizing .....

let them come over every day 9 pm live with the reality of our Aqa moula's good deeds for the world, country and his people...his soft and godly image cannot be touched by any rascals like Rohit Bansal and his immoral team.....We expect them to apologize to our Aqa Moula directly as well....and also disclose the real inhuman beings behind the whole conspiracy

xyzxyz said...

Rashida Doctor is right stop pulling each other and focus on what the main thing is.
Just "sorry won't Do " and yes this was the first commented by soniya/Maria
sorry won't do so Lets India TV explain the details of conspiracy

Unknown said...

im surprised why arnt our community leaders not taking a stand agaisnt this...why not taking this in court..india is supposed to be a decomracy for cryin out loud..!!!

Unknown said...


Please do not make any communication with any kind of media or IndiaTV or send any complaints to any formal complaints board. Let our central Jamaat take appropriate actions.

Unknown said...

To soniya:- shut up..Jihaad is not throwing stones on india tv..right now juhad would be to ask you to remove your provocative comment.

About the issue@:-

India tv said it was done by mistake that means they havent apologised properly because they are hiding facts.

This is a case having 2 possibilities..

Firstly, An anti-peace/anti-bohra organisation/community/person might have given handsome amount to india tv for broadcasting this news..
Secondly, India tv didnt have any news so they went and searched google and did editing and made a fake worthless careless news whose responsibilty is not taken by the channel and instead blames technical department of the channel.

As a result I would tell you that it is not a mistake done by india tv it a heinous crime committed by them..And proper justice would when the whole technical department of india tv channel is sued and asked for apology rather than the host coming and blaming the technical department.

But right now I guess the strong Alvazarat Office is continuing with procedural investigation and clarification demands so we need to just wait for some time and see what action is taken against india tv.

MIND MINTS said...

I would request bloggers not to post any further comments on the post, in view of the advisory received from E Jamaat office.

The enemies of the Dawat have not suceeded. Now let us focus all are engergies on Ta'budaat amals in the remaining days, leading to the celebration of the 98th Milad Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)

May he recover fully, we are all thirsting for his deedar mubarak, to hear his doai kalema't on that eventful day, which will be for ever remembered. May Allah fullfill our wishes. Ameen.

Mustafa said...

Long Live Maula Muhammad Burhanuddin (tus)...once again the enemies of dawat are defeated and we will inshallah defeat them on every forum of life in the leadership and guidance of our beloved Aqa Maula till the day of judgement..May Allah Grant our Maula Sehat till the day of Qayamat..Ameen

Mustafa said...

My Appology to Soniya / Maria...if u r one from us which i belive that u r i m sorry for comments about u but sister yeh yaad rakhoo k aik chuti si chingari kab AAG ki shakal ley lai we dun know na so plz we all know that thses are not the teaching of our Beloved Beloved Beloved Aqa Maula...

Mustafa said...

last and final i would just like to comment that this kind of an idiotic mistake is a part of a conspiracy going around the world against us but we can never get harmed because we are the lovers and followers of Aqa Maula...I am a Pakistani and that man Baitullah Masood belongs to pakistan so it was to Harm us also.We hope it wont ever get it again

Anonymous said...

I think india tv should apologise on every news channel.Whats the probability that the person(other caste) who has watched the news on 6th april had guaranteed watched on 7th april....

amrit said...

This channel is india's no.1 scrap channel and should be banned by the ministry of broadcast.

amanda said...

just come across by chance... keep blogging! have a nice day :)