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The Tragedy of Karbala - The journey from Makkah to Karbala

Excerpts from :

 Kitab Maqtal al - Husain by Abu Mikhnaf  (Lut bin Yahya bin Said - Died in 157 AH)

Yahya bin Said - the father of Abu Mikhnaf was a companion of Moulana Ali (SA)

The martyrdom of Muslim b Aquil took place in Kufa on Sunday 8th Dhulhijjah 60 A.H. Imam Hussain (SA) left Makkah on the very same day. 

At Shifa (approx: 12 kms from Makkah) Imam Hussain (SA) met Farazdaq b Ghalib, a noted poet, who recited the following: 
' The hearts of the people are with you, but their swords are with Banu Ummayah
The decree will come from Heaven and Allah will do whatever He desires' 

Imam Hussain replied : ' You have said the truth. The decree belongs to Allah and He will do what He desires. Every day Our Lord has dominion over all affairs. If the decree that He sends down is what we desire, then we praise Allah for his blessings. He is the One whose help is sought, the One who is worthy of thanksgiving. But should the decree turn out differently from what we desire : those whose intention is truth and whose hearts are righteous, do not rebel against Allah.'

At Hajir Imam Hussain (SA) dispatched Qays b Mushir Saydawi with letter to the Chiefs of Kufa, stating that he is arriving shortly. At Qadisiyah he was seized by Hasin b Tamim and sent to Ubaydallah b Ziyad. Qays climbed on top of the Palace and said : ' O people, this Hussain b Ali is the best of Allah's creatures. He is the son of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet. I am his messenger to you. I left him at Hajir. Respond to his call' He then cursed Ibn Ziyad, and was thrown down from the top and his body shattered.

At Khuzamiyah - a watering place Zuhayr b Qayn joins the caravan of Imam Hussain (SA)

At Talabiyah (51 kms from Khuzamiyah) Imam Hussain (SA) received the news of the martyrdom of  Muslim b Aquil and Hani. 

At Zubalah Imam Hussain read out aloud to the people and informed them about the death of Muslim and Hani and Abdullah b Yaqtur. He said : ' Our Shiah have abandoned us. Thus those who wish to part company with us are free to go, without any sense of obligation. People began to scatter away in all directions, only those remained who had joined in from Medinah. 

Readers are requested to pause here and reflect. 

At many places along the way, well wishers requested Imam Hussain (SA)  not to proceed to Kufah. 

At Batin al Aqabah to one well wisher Imam Hussain (SA) replied : ' Servant of Allah, sound decisions are not concealed from me - but the Decree of Allah prevails' 

Please pause and reflect. 

When they saw the approaching cavalry Imam Hussain (SA) changed course and managed to arrive at Dhu Husam before the arriving cavalry, and set up tents. 

The cavalry of 1000 horsemen under Hurr b Yazid Tamim came to a halt facing the tents set up by Imam Hussain (SA) Two saddle bags filled with letters from Kufah were brought out and shown to them.  Hurr agreed to a temporary compromise and awaited instructions from Ibn Ziyad. 

He rode alongside the caravan of Imam Hussain (SA) away from the road leading to Kufah and leading towards Qadisiyah. 

At Nainawah Imam Hussain (SA) stopped and dismounted. 

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